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Module 13

The Basic Use Of Possessives

Quick Lesson + Story + Test

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Is this your cat? I'm just typing willy nilly to see what the questions is like on two lines.

No, this is Charles cat. I am typing more to see what happens.

No, this is Charles cat.

No, this is Charles's cat.

No, this is Charles' cat.


Qwyqr works with any school, college, private tutor or self study program.

With a Qwyqr English Assessment, you can see where you are already good at English ... and where you need more help.


We use ‘5-minute’ lessons plus quiz tests. After each quiz you can record your score. Each lesson has a video and quiz. Just like at the top of this page.


You will be able to share your scores with your teacher or employer. We also recommend self-study books and courses just for you.

Plan Your English Learning With Qwyqr.

When you have a plan, you can achieve your goals more quickly.

Ki Moon

He has big exams coming up and wants to see where he is strong and weak in English.


Starts a busy course at medical school next year. She wants to plan her English learning more efficiently.


Works for a multinational. He needs to quicky show his English teacher where he needs the most help.


She plans to travel the world and teach English. So she wants her English to be perfect.

English Assessment

Which English test is best for you?

Intermediate Level

English Assessment

6 verb tests
10 grammar tests
25 questions per test
16 videos

Advanced Level

English Assessment

6 verb tests
8 grammar tests
50 questions per test
14 videos


$29.00/ YEAR

$14.00/ YEAR

- Children aged 10-16
- Adult learners
- 400 questions



$59.00/ YEAR

$29.00/ YEAR

- Beginner + Advanced
- 25% saving
- 1100 questions


$49.00/ YEAR

$24.00/ YEAR

- Students aged 16+
- Business people
- 700 questions

Here’s what you get.

It’s the smarter way to plan your English learning.

Print your own certificate

- Print your own self-certification.
- Show teachers or employers your scores.

Complete your own English assessment

- Plan your English learning.
- Learn English quicker.

Invitation to our Facebook group

- Meet other English learners.
- Get learning tips and free quizzes.

Coursebook to print

- A lesson for each test.
- Study at your own speed.

Explainer video for each lesson

- A quick lesson before each test.
- Captions in your own language.

Online quiz for each lesson

- Use your mobile, laptop or PC.
- Take each test as often as you like.

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