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Wedding Organizer. 50 Things To Think About.

Updated: Apr 12

50 things to consider when organizing a wedding.

So, you’ve decided to get married. Maybe you’ve set a date. And now the bride and groom have a lot to think about to make it the best wedding ever.

In many cases the bride-to-be is the driving force behind arranging the nuptials. Sure, she can count on the groom plus friends and family to help out … and it’s sensible to enlist as much support as you can. But brides often like to keep their finger on the pulse on everything to do with the wedding day.

So to help get you started, here’s a list of 50 things that might get you started with organizing and planning your dream wedding. The list isn’t comprehensive … but it’ll get you started:

1. Album for photos

2. Accessories (bridesmaids and bridesmen)

3. Arch of flowers

4. Bachelorette party

5. Best man

6. Bouquet

7. Bridesmaids outfits

8. Bands / wedding rings

9. Balloons for the reception

10. Cake design and production

11. Cards for people who can’t come

12. Candles

13. Confetti

14. Dresses for the honeymoon

15. Decorations

16. Entertainment

17. Envelopes & place cards

18. Flutes for the toasts

19. Food & drink

20. Guest book

21. Gown for the bride

22. Gifts for guests

23. Gift list for bride & groom

24. Hairdressing for the big day

25. Headbands

26. Honeymoon

27. Invitations

28. Jewelry

29. Limousine

30. Maid of honour

31. Makeup & nails

32. Napkins

33. Outfits

34. Officiant

35. Order of service

36. Photographer

37. Photo album

38. Send off

39. Shoes

40. Sparklers

41. Speeches

42. Table decorations

43. Tent (for bad weather or the party)

44. Thank you cards

45. Tiara

46. Undergarments for the bride

47. Usher (venue and reception)

48. Veil for the wedding dress

49. Venue (wedding and reception)

50. Vow booklet

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