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Hi. My name is Roger. I’m one of the teaching team at Qwyqr.

A question lots of students ask is “How good is my English?” Our free English quiz can help you answer that question … right now.

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Module 01

Simple present tense

Module 02

Simple past tense

Module 03

Simple future tense

Module 04

Present continuous tense

Module 05

Past continuous tense

Module 06

Future continuous tense

Module 07

Everyday Possessives

Module 08


Module 09


Module 10

Countable and uncountable nouns

Module 11

Plural nouns

Module 12

Since/For and Some/Any

Module 13

Adjectives introduction

Module 14

Adjective placement and good/well

Module 15

Adjective phrases, plus present participle

Module 16

Prepositions (In, On, At)


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