Qwyqr creates smarter learning books for children and adults.

We link paper books to the digital world.


At Qwyqr we’re passionate about creating learning publications.


But what is the best medium for learning?


- Some people prefer paper books. 

- Others love web content … like online movies or quizzes.


So we came up with a solution that mixes paper and digital content. Using QR codes you can have the best of both worlds.


Er, remind me. What are QR codes?


They’re the square, blobby images you’ve probably seen printed on packaging and posters.


With a free app for your smartphone you simply scan the QR code … and you’re automatically taken to a web page.


That web page can contain a movie, a quiz, a slideshow, an article, an Amazon product page, a local shop, or any other information that can be shown online.


Best of all, QR reader apps are free and simple to use. 

Simply go to your Android or Apple app store and search for ‘QR reader.’


Our books link paper to the digital world.


Books are great. Everyone knows how to use them. They don’t need batteries. And it’s easy to write notes on the page.


And now our Qwyqr books are the quicker way to link paper publications to digital content … thanks to QR codes.

If you'd like to see a sample learning page from one of our books, please go to: www.qwyqr.com/001

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